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The New Age is coming

~Quantum Teleportation~

Feeling qubit, might delete this post later (I say this because I'm a little weary that the original article I'm reporting on will mysteriously go missing. I suppose only time will tell). But for now, I have something interesting to share with you all!

I was scrolling through social media when I came across an article that immediately caught my eye: "NASA scientists achieve long-distance 'quantum teleportation' over 27 miles for the first time..."

Okay, WHAT?!

You can check out the full, original article here.

Here's what I know and understand so far: "Scientists have demonstrated long-distance 'quantum teleportation' – the instant transfer of units of quantum information known as qubits – for the first time."

Suppose you're like me and you didn't know what a qubit was. You would then obsess over this missing information, leading you down a rabbit hole of research into quantum computing for the foreseeable future. For more information about qubits, try this site or read the definition below. Then, after spending a good portion of your morning reading about this field of study, you may come to realize something; You just learned a ton of new words! But you know absolutely nothing about what these words mean.

"Qubits," also known as "quantum bits," are the fundamental building block for quantum information processes. Whereas conventional computers store and process data as a series of ‘1’s and ‘0’s, quantum computers use the properties of a quantum system, such as the polarization of a photon or the spin of an electron."

As always, I'm fascinated with the language of this all.

We have things like "bits" and "states" and "encode" and a "value" assigned to something that can be measured and strung together, thrown into an equation, and even drawn...essentially, it has representation outside of itself, in another form.

In just three letters, a "bit" is a teeny tiny word that conveys an amass of meaning outside of itself. Now add "qu" to the "bit" and you have a measurable thing that exists within the quantum. And NASA has just figured out how to teleport a quibit. This means that information received within a space here is instantly and synchronously received there without any computer code necessary. According to the article, this scientific breakthrough is "crucial to hopes of a future quantum internet as well as pushing the boundaries of what scientists known about the quantum realm."

If quantum teleportation becomes a thing right under our noses, we have a new age coming. This is the stuff of scyfy dreams! Right now, we have the cloud (or as I like to call it, the "Social Media Matrix") but imagine we become the cloud and all of our info can be air-dropped instantly with others faster than the speed of light just by tapping into the quantum realm. No need for credit cards, ID, or any other sensitive information that you're supposed to carry with you. It is you, and it can be shared instantaneously with whoever needs it.

Pros - they're saying is quantum internet cannot be hacked like a computer code can. Hmmm.

Cons- say goodbye to your privacy. Quantum internet means that nothing is private anymore and the big dogs are going to know everything about who you are, where you are, and what you know at any point in time, always. (Wait, who are the big dogs?)

Okay, okay, perhaps we're not there yet. But are we? What about Elon Musk's brain chip? (to read more about that, click here). I most certainly plan and hope to do a blog post about our friend EM, but it's a lot to wrap my head around and I haven't tapped into that can of worms just yet. In the meantime, you can bet I'll be watching this quantum teleportation business.

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