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The Book Merchant

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Down past the cobbler, the baker and Fine Gifts

a man and his books came to Third Street to live

in a hollow old room that he filled to the top

with Books, Bargain, and Banter, the name of his shop

and when you walked in you would sit for awhile

in a dusty old chair before braving the aisles. And

the old man would speak about voices of old,

dreams that he had, and stories untold

with a bounce in his step and a gleam in his stare,

he’d spread his arms wide and begin to declare;

“These books are my children - I must find them a home!

No one leaves here without a book of one’s own.”

with a curious smile up the ladder he'd climb

with needly fingers, stroking each spine

"All of my books, I know whence they came,"

he'd say as he searched, muttering your name

like the devil himself had come into town…

ever do I wonder why that book store closed down

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