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Temporal Quantum-String Theory

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Do you have a minute? Because I'm about to take you down a rabbit hole of theory. You might want to sit down for this. Let's begin.

First, what in the world is the String Theory?

Close your eyes and try to picture what the universe looks like to someone -or something- who exists outside the universe looking in. What would it look like to you? Now imagine a bunch of strings connected together like a loop de loop...but it goes on infinitely forever and ever and always.

It's going to get pretty crazy. There will be layers and intersects and tangles and twists and it will be impossible to perceive where it begins and where it ends. Maybe it's colorful too, I don't know. It's the "matter" that makes up everything. To read more about The String Theory, click here.

Okay, now what in the world is the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?

Even harder to explain, that's what.

It's this crazy idea that the universe is split into multiple realities all existing synchronously at once. Moreover, we are split into multiple different selves with every decision that we make. Every time you make a decision, near-infinite different realities/outcomes play out and exist in the world, though we only know the reality that we perceive. I personally make more sense of this theory by imagining multiple different dimensions going on at once and each one is a different reality/outcome of a decision I make. And it just goes on forever and ever and always. To read a more in-depth explanation of the Many-Worlds theory, click here.

What is the Temporal Paradox?

If you've made it this far you are my kind of person. The Temporal Paradox is basically the idea that if you were to time travel and change a decision you made in the past, then the future outcome would be altered and therefore, your future self would have no need to time travel. If you time travel and change the past you change the future. It's a loop that goes on forever making time travel impossible- you'd just get caught up in this paradox, existing outside of space and time with no place to go.

Okay, so here's my ridiculous theory...

If elements of the string theory were true and our lives were, in fact, made up of matter that is visible outside this universe as stringlike--

And each decision we make does split our matter makeup into infinite selves living vastly different lives in different what-if realities/dimensions simultaneously--

Then, this would look like multiple strings going down multiple different paths (Oh hey, ever heard of The Fates?) at any given point in time--

Therefore, making time travel possible.

All you would need to do is go back in time and follow a different decision, tapping into an entirely different reality that already exists out there in spacetime. To go back in time and change a monumental decision would erase your future self- but only one of your future selves- and you would still exist, living that what-if life you so desired to its fullest.

Of course, if anyone figures out how to actually time travel and tap into these infinite different realities, let me know. I'm game.

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