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Little Girl's Point

"The sun rose up from the waters. Its beams fell, warm and kindly, upon the chill sea foam, and the little mermaid did not feel the hand of death" ~ Hans Christian Anderson, The Little Mermaid

When I think of you, I think of the lake

of Little Girl’s Point, of stones and the clay

eyes blue as water, your kiss soft as sand

you lure me to you, the tide be your hand

push me and move me beneath your warm waves

and in your caress, the current, I sway

tuck me under your side, into each wake

all the breath in me I beg you to take

I feel each heartbeat, the pulsating rush

in this one moment, our souls become one

now, as I hold you, your face in my hands

take me away from the shallows of land

I’ll fade away into liquid, but know

I became yours in the water below

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