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I will always be with you

in the northern woods sunshine

and steep winding roads

in twinkling lake water

goodbyes and hellos

in brisk autumn breezes

the leaves and pinecones

fireside stories

and moonlit shadows

in the powder dust snow

and frostbitten air

up to the hillside

please, follow me there

to nights on the water

and days in the sand

mid-mornings in winter

and spring in my hand

in the whispers of past

and the stars in the sky

the beat in my chest

and the brown of my eyes

in the crinkle of brows

and each fingertip kiss

in the corner of smiles

you must promise me this

in every sweet nothing

in dreams as you sleep

the box in your bedroom

is my love to keep

in each time we part

in my voice as I say,

tucked into your heart,

“and here, let me stay”

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