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The Literary Matrix.

...that intangible space between the physical and the infinite where millions of writers’ voices exist. The published, the unpublished, the past, present, and future writers all exist here within this theoretical framework. This is where true lovers of literature discover the power of the written word as a network of undying dialogue. A medium where you can go to find infinite possibilities, realities and voices immortalized. To read and to be read , is to join an ongoing conversation all around the world. With just your voice, you have the power to exist infinitely on multiple planes! 

I termed this The Literary Matrix and I'm making it my life's mission to help others discover the power of their voice.

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The Literary Matrix Blog is here for you to explore that space between the physical and the infinite in literature theory, education, and the creative realm as writers and readers. As a writer, I am constantly investigating what humans crave, what soothes them, what terrifies them and what challenges them to learn. Join me on my quest to examine the truth behind the human condition, and further develop my theory of The Literary Matrix. 


Discover the truth behind words

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